Croydon’s 1100th Meeting at The London Conference

Croydon Circle celebrates its 1100th Meeting in May 2013 and has been invited to host the 6 Circle Joint meeting on the opening Friday Night of the London Conference on May 10th 2013.

The 6 Provinces of London have each appointed a Circle to represent them at the Joint Meeting . The other Circles will be London Circle (2) from Province 2, South London Circle (10) from Province 7, West London Circle (48) from Province 8, London Charterhouse Circle (49) from Province 14, Crawley Circle (195) from Province 18 and Croydon Circle (60) will be representing Province 19.

This event will be the first official engagement of Bro. John Rayer as Grand President and it is expected to attract a large attendance from brothers in the 6 Provinces area and those attending the Conference.

To encourage London brothers to attend, the organisers of the Conference have arranged entertainment for the Ladies whilst the meeting takes place.

Don Maclean the well known comedian, entertainer and broadcaster will be regaling the ladies about his days on Crackerjack and other programmes.